• ZX42 SHOCKWAVE Topical
  • ZX42 Extreme Topical
  • ZX42 Scalp Cleansing Shampoo
  • ZX42 SpeedGrowth Conditioner
  • ZX42 OverDrive Pods


ZX42 SHOCKWAVE is hands down the most powerful hair growth product ever created. ZX42 brought us Extreme which is a great product itself. But they outdid themselves with SHOCKWAVE. Every ingredient known to man that stimulates hair growth is in this formula, adding new meaning to the phrase "this stuff will grow hair on your head."

ZX42 Extreme is a revolutionary topical solution that was developed to regrow hair. The secret to the formula lies in the processing. The ingredients are, mixed together and then subjected to extreme temperatures to cause a reaction at the molecular level. The end result is a product that stimulates follicles to grow your natural hair back.

The scalp cleanser is a very important piece to the puzzle as well. This helps to rid your scalp of the pore blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and allow the ZX42 topical solution penetrate deep into your scalp.

ZX42 SpeedGrowth conditioner locks in moisture for up to four days and has a hair growth accelerator. This conditioner is like no other in the world. In addition to locking in moisture for up to four days, it repairs split ends, it makes hair grow much faster than any other conditioner product on the market. Our conditioner has myristates and many exotic oils from around the world.

ZX42 OverDrive Pods provide a minoxidil-free version of the product. The best time to apply ZX42 is right after a shower because your pores are open. No time for a shower? No problem! Wipe away DHT with ZX42 OverDrive Pods!

You should use a laser comb to enhance your results and speed up the process. The laser comb technology is approved by the FDA and clinically proven to stimulate hair growth. We offering the laser comb FREE with the purchase of any "kit"


stearic acid - glycerin- lactic acid - saw palmetto- ginko biloba- panax ginseng-azalaic acid- niacin-biotin-ginger-rosemary-zinc-fo-ti root-dextrose-horsetail extract-skullcap extract-bhringaraja powder leaf-hydrolyzed collagen-methysulfonylmethane-soy-microcrystalline cellulose-sodium citrate-silicon dioxide-calcium carbonate-lecithin-dextrose-tricalcium phosphate--magnesium stearate-dextrin-gum arabic-croscarmellose sodium-titanium dioxide-triethanolamine-glycol stearate-mineral water- provitamin b5 pathenol-1.8 percent minoxidil-keratin-vitamin e and a -sunflower seed oil-carbomer oat kernel protein-potassium lactate-dimethicone-cetyl alcohol-magnesium aluminum silicate-butyl carbamate-disodium edta-dm dm hydantoin-urea-methylparaben